Marcos Aulie
Pico de Orizaba – 15,000 ft

About Marcos Aulie

I help identify and solve bottlenecks, freeing small business owners to climb past their revenue plateaus and fulfill their entrepreneurial vision.

A bottleneck is any point of friction in your business that prevents you from generating more revenue or generating the same revenue more easily.

Capistrano Beach, CA

Here is what you should know about me:

I was born and raised in Mexico where my family worked among the Mayan and Aztec indigenous communities.

At the age of 14, I worked the wheat harvest in Kansas for 8 summers. I came to appreciate how small business owners put bread on the table for their families and take care of their communities. 

I’ve learned that I don’t have a green thumb for living things, but I do have a strategic mind for sustainable business growth.

For a three year stint, I was the marketing producer at a fast growth company that scaled from 3-8 million with a dozen or so employees. The biggest growth jumps came from our operations manager who solved all kinds of sticky scenarios. My contribution took a marketing channel from Zero to 60K in monthly recurring revenue, which became the most profitable segment of the business.

Afterward, I became a marketing instructor for more than 100 small business owners, coaches, and consultants. Some clients worked with me for years at a time because I gave them the same kind and honest advice I do with my closest friends. I endeavor to bring genuineness, empathy, and positive regard to every client engagement.

I now work as a certified Bottleneck Breakthrough advisor and implementor for small business owners.

This is where I roll up my sleeves and strike at the root issues that affect profitability in your business.

What are some common bottlenecks?

  • $500K – Idle or confused staff
  • $1M – Founder beyond capacity to manage everything
  • $2M – Not enough large prospects and/or too many small prospects

Solving the bottleneck tied to your revenue plateau is the fast path to sustainable growth.

For each client, I create a customized “Profit Roadmap” to accelerate their business flow.

Here are the shared traits of my best clients:

  • Anyone who has hit a revenue plateau and is ready to get to the next level.
  • Owner must be involved. Not much handholding.
  • Big issues. Not big egos.

If that’s you, we are likely a good fit.

You can schedule a FREE strategy session here.

My pricing starts at $3,500. If that makes you wince, then we aren’t working on a big issue that is worth solving.

If you are doing over $5 million in revenue, then the issue is too big for me. I can refer you to an expert advisor who can help.